Key Dates

Wednesday 20th March -  Spelling Bee Final in school and Year 6 SATs meeting for parents

Thursday 21st March – Shakespeare Workshop for Reception-Year 6 and an animal workshop for Year 1

Friday 22nd March – Non-uniform day


Important information for this week


Year 6 SATs Meeting

There is a meeting for Year 6 parents on Wednesday 20th March at 3.30pm to discuss their upcoming SATs. We would like as many parents as possible to attend so that we can give you key information about the tests, what we expect from you and your child and how you can support your child at home.


Dental Fluoride Service for Nursery

Letters  have  gone  out  to  Nursery  parents  to invite  them  to  join  in  with  the  dental  fluoride  service. Please return the consent form if you would like your child to take part.


Ice creams

On Friday 22nd March we  will  be  selling  ice  creams  and  lollies  in  the playground  at  3.15pm  for  50p  each.  If  any  parent  is available  to  help  sell  them  please  come  to  the  office  at 3pm.



Mother’s  Day  hampers  are  now  for  sale  in  the  main entrance  at  £1  per  strip.  They  will  be  on  sale  until  our afternoon  tea  on  Tuesday  26th

March.  Winners will be contacted on Wednesday 27th March. The  Easter  hampers  will  go  on  display  in  the  main entrance  on  Tuesday  26th March  and  on  sale  on Wednesday 27th March.