Reception Clownfish Memorable Experience

Our Visit to Touchstones Museum

Reception had an exciting time at Touchstones Museum as part of our 'Fairytales' topic. We listened to a story all about the Gingerbread Man and his visit to the museum. We hunted for clues around the museum and enjoyed making our own paper gingerbread men to…
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A Wriggly Nativity

Image of A Wriggly Nativity

A Wriggly Nativity


The children in reception put on a fantastic Christmas performance retelling the Christmas story. The children enjoyed singing and acting and true to the title they were very wriggly!

The performance told the story of how the baby Jesus was born and the people that…

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Our first term in Reception!

Image of Our first term in Reception!


Our First Term in Reception!

We have had lots of fun in Reception this half term. We have been making lots of new friends, learning the school rules and exploring and learning through our play. Our topic this term has been superhero world and we have been learning all about the superheroes…
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Treasure Hunt!

Treasure Hunt!


Reception have been having lots of fun this week finding out about our new topic ‘Do you want to go on a treasure hunt?’ We found a message in a bottle from some pirates who had lost their treasure. Also in the bottle was a treasure map so we followed the clues and found…

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Fairy Tale Clues!

Which stories do we know?

Today we received a letter from Tinkerbell. She had left us some clues to help us guess the different fairy tales. 

Our first clue was a red cape. We had to think long and hard about this...

Yes we finally guessed it was Little Red Riding Hood.

Next we…

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Castle Dress Up day

Castle Fun

To end our topic 'Did dragons exist?' we had a castle dress up day. The children and staff came dressed as knights, dragons and princesses. They all looked fantastic!

We then found out about the different jobs people would have to do in a castle. The children then pretended to…

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Our local walk

Where do we live? 


This week we went on a walk around school to look for places we know. We found the local park and farm. We also walked past some houses we know. We learned about how to keep safe near the road and what we could do in Boarshaw. We looked at different types of transport…

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Making Shapes

Reception have been making and finding 2D shapes


In maths this week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We used our bodies to make shapes and thought about how many sides each shape has.


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Shapes Shapes Everywhere - Reception

Image of Shapes Shapes Everywhere - Reception

In Maths this week Reception have been learning all about shapes. We have learnt the name of different 2d shapes and we are beginning to talk about the properties. 


We went on a shape hunt to find different shapes;


We found circle, squares, triangles and rectangles.…

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Looking after our environment



Reception have been busy planting some new plants in our outdoor area. We dug the holes for the plants and enjoyed the different smells. We also learned about what the plants need to stay alive. Whilst digging we also found lots of insects including a centipede. 



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Jam Sandwich

Reception have been following instructions to make a sandwich in the cafe. 

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This week Reception found a butterfly outside. They picked flowers to try and get the butterfly to land on it. We then learned more about butterflies by reading the Hungry Caterpillar.



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