Our Expectations

At Boarshaw Primary School we believe behaviour in our school is vital to ensure children can learn in a calm and engaging learning environment. All children are expected to follow our code of conduct.

"The behaviour of pupils is good!" Ofsted 2016


At the start of  the year children and parents sign a home-school agreement to our code of conduct and are expected to follow this throughout the year. 

"Pupils are polite and courteous to adults and each other. They welcome visitors and willingly engage in articulate conversations about their work and school life. Pupils' movement around school is calm and orderly because of well-established routines." Ofsted 2016


Behaviour Management at Boarshaw Primary

Below you can see the behaviour systems we have in place and more details can be found in our Behaviour Management Policy. We have created a simplified version of our policy for staff, pupils and parents. 




Children are rewarded for excellent behaviour, good manners, sharing, helping others, trying their best, being a role model, demonstrating fundamental British values and much more by getting a Dojo. A Dojo point can be given by any adult within school and weekly totals will be announced in class and the Dojo point winner of the week rewarded in assembly. Parents can also see how many Dojo points their child has been given by signing up to ClassDojo online or via the APP. Please speak to your child's class teacher to get your unique login and password. 

"Pupils are eager and attentive learners; they quickly respond to instructions." Ofsted 2016

Class Marbles

Every class collects marbles for excellent whole class behaviour. When the class has collected 50 marbles they will receive a class treat. However, marbles can also be taken away from classes that don’t follow our school rules. 


Recognition Boards

New in 2019 we have introduced the concept of Recognition Boards. Recognition Boards are targeted at learning attitudes not just functional behaviours. Recognition boards help us to recognise children in and around school who always demonstrate a positive learning attitude. It is a whole school system and will be recognised weekly in assembly. Class teachers put names on the board to recognise children who are demonstrating the desired learning attitude. Children are recognised for their individual efforts in class and around school. A child will be picked weekly for the ‘best seat in the house’ and will receive a special treat and postcard home. Have a look at some examples of these boards in our classrooms. 




We have an agreed system of sanctions to register disapproval of unacceptable behaviour. Responses range from polite reminders to permanent exclusion. To support our behaviour system we use yellow and red cards. For the first instance of misbehaviour children will be given a warning and maybe moved to a different area within the classroom. If misbehaviour continues children will receive a yellow card. Continual misbehaviour will lead to a red card and children will lose 5 Dojo points and some golden time. Frequent red cards may result in removal of privileges and parents will be contacted. Teachers professional judgement is required regarding which step best reflects the most suitable sanction given the behaviour displayed. If children consistently receive yellow/red cards parents will be contacted and invited to a meeting and if deemed necessary children will be put on a behaviour plan. Depending on the nature of offences it may be deemed necessary for an immediate exclusion.

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