Our Expectations

At Boarshaw Primary School we believe behaviour in our school is vital to ensure children can learn in a calm and engaging learning environment. We ensure that we build strong relationships with our pupils to develop a mutual respect where all are encouraged to achieve their best. 


"The behaviour of pupils is good!" Ofsted 2016

"Pupils are polite and courteous to adults and each other. They welcome visitors and willingly engage in articulate conversations about their work and school life. Pupils' movement around school is calm and orderly because of well-established routines." Ofsted 2016

"Pupils are eager and attentive learners; they quickly respond to instructions." Ofsted 2016



Below you can see the behaviour systems we have in place and more details can be found in our Behaviour Management Policy. We have summarised our policy for parents, pupils and staff and this is also outlined for you below. We also have a one page guide for staff and visitors.


Main Aims

  • To make provision for a happy working atmosphere in school by promoting the pastoral care of children, with staff giving support and guidance to each individual child.

  • To consistently and fairly implement reward and sanction systems.


Our purpose is

  • to maintain levels of good behaviour

  • to provide a consistent approach in rewarding good behaviour

  • to provide a consistent approach in responding to unacceptable behaviour

  • to ensure that behaviour does not inhibit learning or impede potential.


Our policy is based on the belief that ‘Every Moment Matters’ and we should ALWAYS be Boarshaw Brilliant.


Our Rules

  • Be ready

  • Be respectful

  • Be safe


Expectations of staff and pupils

  • We are calm and consistent

  • We are happy and engaged

  • We are listened to and loved

  • We are responsible and caring

  • We are polite and friendly



  • Boarshaw brilliant- children are encouraged to always show 'Boarshaw Brilliant' in everything they do taking pride in their work, attitude and environment. 

  • Boarshaw walk- children always walk around the school on the left hand side, in single file and with their hands behind their backs. 

  • Hands up for silence- both hands are held in the air and adults wait until all children have copied before giving instructions.

  • Tremendous transitions- children will smoothly transition from area/task. At the end of outdoor sessions a whistle will be blown and children will stop and freeze, adult instructions will be given and on the second whistle children will follow the instruction. 

  • Rebuild and Repair- after significant behaviour incidents children will meet with a member of staff to discuss their behaviour and develop strategies to reduce the risk of a repeat of this behaviour. 


We reward in public and remind in private.



  • Daily Boarshaw brilliant dojo

  • Genuine praise

  • Star of the week certificate

  • Boarshaw brilliant home slips

  • Postcards home and stickers

  • Fabulous Friday Lunch for one child who have been Boarshaw Brilliant all week

  • Gem jar (class reward)

  • Ms Harland's Gem Jar (whole school reward)



  • Drive by (reminder) “I’ve noticed that…’

  • Warning “I need you to… this is your warning.”

  • Last chance “…this is your last chance. I need you to…”

  • Consequence- time out with the classroom

  • Repair- children to pay back missed learning time during break/lunch/assembly time followed by conversation in private to discuss behaviour.


Language we use when managing challenging moments:

  • I understand that you…but our rules at Boarshaw are be ready, respectful and safe.

  • Be that as it may, my expectation are…

  • I will listen to you, right time, right tone, right place.


Rebuild and repair

When children have calmed down after a behaviour incident we always ensure we make time to rebuild and repair with the child in private. During this time we follow the script below:

  • What happened?

  • How were you feeling?

  • How did this make people feel?

  • What should we do to put things right?

  • How can we do things differently in the future?







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