British Values

At Boarshaw Community Primary School, we are dedicated to promoting values which ensure that our pupils develop a strong sense of moral and social responsibility.  We believe that we need to prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain and we do this by embracing the five themes: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of culture, faith and others. 




 British Values at Boarshaw Community Primary School

 SMSC Government Guidance


Have a look at previous learning in school linked to British Values

Shrove Tuesday

Each year Boarshaw Primary celebrates Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday where classes make pancakes and have the chance to taste their creations!  Our pupils are taught about how Shrove Tuesday was important in the Christian calendar and its link with Easter.



World Religion Day 

This was a brilliant day in school where every class studied a different religion and learnt about customs / traditions in that religion.  We recognise that valuing other people's beliefs, traditions and customs is important to British people.



Foundation stage - Christianity: re-enacted a wedding and made stained glass windows

Year 1 - Hinduism: studied the festival of light and made lanterns

Year 2 - Islam: learnt about the features of a mosque and the traditional dress

Year 3 - Judaism / Islam: retold the story of Moses / practiced the tradition of Wudu

Year 4 - Sikhism: designed a temple, ate traditional food, listened to Sikh stories and studied the 5Ks

Year 5 - Judaism: learnt how to write in Hebrew, the features of a synagogue, looked at various sacred texts and the story of Hanukkah

Year 6 - Buddhism: learnt about the customs in Buddhism and made clay Buddhas




Remembrance Day

On Armistice Day, we took time to hold a 2 minutes silence at 11am to recognise and remember all the fallen soldiers, together with those who are still fighting for our country today.  We sold poppies, slap bands, bracelets and key rings to raise money for this good cause and within classes, created some amazing art work and poppy wreaths.

In 2018 we celebrated Remembrance Week where all classes worked to create a wonderful display in our entrance and hosted a parent event to showcase our learning from the week. Have a look at some of our amazing work here


Longest Reigning Monarch

When Queen Elizabeth became the longest reigning monarch, the whole school were involved in activities to celebrate this special day.  We learnt some amazing facts about the Queen, about the Queen's family and who was the longest reigning monarch before her.

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