Designated Unit for Speech, Language and Communication (SLCN)

What is a designated unit?

Most children with SEND, including those with an Education, Health and Care Plan, will be supported in mainstream school. Sometimes a school will provide additional specialist facilities on site called a designated unit.

Designated units cater for pupils with an EHCP, who require a specialist environment within a mainstream school to support their access to the curriculum and activities offered by school.

In SRP pupils spend most of their time (usually well over 50% of their timetable) in mainstream classes. They only attend the SRP facilities for individual support, to learn a specific skill. The facilities can be in a suite or dispersed throughout the school. Pupils in a Unit spend the majority of their time there, only attending mainstream classes for a few lessons, such as PE, for assembly or for lunch. Pupils in both settings are on roll at the mainstream school. In both SRP and Units the facilities are additional to those normally provided in a mainstream school to support special needs, such as a SEN resource room.


Our unit consists of 12 pupils, we are called the Rainbow Fish class! Please look at our class page for more information. 



Meet the Staff

Please have a look at our welcome booklet for more information about the unit. 

We meet with parents before a child starts the unit, and complete a booklet together. This helps us to understand how to best support the needs of each child. 

Our policy will give you more information about the unit, including entry and exit criteria. 

Should you require further information and support, please have a look at our SEND section of the website - 

SEND - Autism 

Here you will find help and support for children with ASC

SEND - Sensory/physical

Here you will find information about sensory regulation and sensory diets.

SEND - Communication and Interaction. 

This section will help you to support your child with communication if they are non verbal. 


These other policies may give you guidance and support about the work we do in school and in the unit. 

SEN Policies










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