Year 1 Attend the Royal Wedding!

Image of Year 1 Attend the Royal Wedding!

Year 1 arrived in school on Friday 18th May 2018 to celebrate the Royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle! 


The children wore their best outfits as they knew they needed to be the best wedding guests at the party! Look how smart we all looked!


We enjoyed eating a special…

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Year 1 Visit from a Spaceman!

Image of Year 1 Visit from a Spaceman!

Year 1 received a visit from a spaceman!

The spaceman arrived to much excitement and quickly got to know the children’s names. He introduced himself and told the children exciting stories about his space adventures and answered questions about his job as an astronaut. He talked about other…

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Year 1 - Alien Invasion!

Image of Year 1 - Alien Invasion!


Year 1 returned to school after the Easter holidays to find this mess! We spent so much time exploring and tidying (!) the mess which had been left.


Our pupils came together to think about what could have happened and more importantly who had caused this catastrophe! There were…

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Year 1 and the Beanstalk!

Image of Year 1 and the Beanstalk!
During Spring term Year 1 have been finding out about plants. We explored our school grounds and found out the names of common flowers and trees. We thought about which plants and trees we have in our own gardens.


We read stories about plants including Jack and the Beanstalk! We really…
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Year 1 Life Cycle of a Chicken!

Image of Year 1 Life Cycle of a Chicken!
Year 1 had the pleasure of looking after and caring for a little batch of eggs for two weeks! The eggs arrived one morning and we were very excited. The pupils help to set up the enclosure which the chicks would live in. Then we waited excitedly for our eggs to hatch!


The first crack in…
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Year 1 Celebrate World Book Day 2018

Image of Year 1 Celebrate World Book Day 2018
On the 1st March 2018 Year 1 celebrated World Book Day! All pupils came to school dressed as either a book character or a Horrible Histories character! Have a look at our amazing costumes!


Throughout the day, pupils had the chance to participate in book-based activities. We also created…
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Year 1 Visit Lancaster Farm

Image of Year 1 Visit Lancaster Farm

Year 1 visited Lancaster Farm and through enjoyed the whole experience. We enjoyed seeing the animals as our topic this term has focused on naming animals and identifying which group they belong to. We have looked at and named body parts, recognising similarities and differences between species.…

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Year 1 Colour Chaos!

Image of Year 1 Colour Chaos!

Year 1 have transformed into artists this half term, exploring and recreating the work of Mondrian, Rothko, Klee, Pollock and Delaunay. We found out more about primary and secondary colours, ways to mix colours and create shades and tints.


We found out that Piet Mondrian was born in the…

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Year 1 All Things Bright and Beautiful!

Image of Year 1 All Things Bright and Beautiful!
This half term the name of our topic has been ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful!’ As part of their topic, Year 1 have been finding out more about the world around them.
Year 1 have been scientists, finding out more about our daily weather. As scientists we can observe and record the…
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Year 1 Memorable Experience

Image of Year 1 Memorable Experience

Year 1 had a very special visit as part of our memorable experience. We were visited by Zoolab who brought with them some very special animals!


We found out lots of interesting information about all the animals who came e.g. what they like to eat, special body parts and their names, ways…

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Superhero Mission!

The children were dressed as superheroes this week to begin our new topic. With the superman theme tune playying the children came into the classroom to find a series of challenges that they had to complete. When completed the superhero in charge checked their answers and presented them with the…

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Exploding Volcanoes in Year 1 sharks

To finish our dinosaur topic, the children created a museum and presented the information they had learnt during the topic to Year 2 Penguins. At the end of the museum the children showed year 2 how dinosaurs became extinct with a real life volcano. They enjoyed experimenting with food dye to…

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