Y4 - American City Landmarks

Image of Y4 - American City Landmarks

Well... Year 4 starfish have been working very hard with the building of their models to be able to put a circuit into.  We were split into groups with different groups looking at different landmarks:


  • San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge
  • Florida 1 - Roller coaster for Universal World
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Y4 - Native Americans

Native Americans!


What fabulous work we have been doing in Year 4 starfish!  Our dream catchers look amazing :-)  We learnt about how dream catchers came about and that:

  • the circle represents the moon

  • the web catches all the dreams

  • good dreams run down the…

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Y4 - Welcome to Star fish!

Welcome to Year 4 Star fish!


What an interesting start to the year we have had... from our memorable experience of finding 14 US states on a map to beginning to find out about Native American Indians!  If you haven't guessed already, our topic is:

Image result for road trip usa

We are very much looking forward to…

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